DIY: Sew A Pet Bed


Want a nest bed for your cat or dog similar to the Big Shrimpy Nest Bed pictured above, but don’t want to spend so much? Check out this excellent tutorial from Lori Marie at Pretty Little Things on how to sew an attractive and easy pet bed. You can adjust the size to fit your pet.

Don’t be intimidated! If you have a sewing machine, you can do this. And with all the gorgeous fabrics out there or by repurposing something you already have, your pet bed can be a lovely addition to your home. Not to mention a comfy place for your pet!

Check out this other DIY pet bed made from an old sweater.

5 Replies to “DIY: Sew A Pet Bed”

  1. im making a cat bed right now pink and red, plus im adding on a canopy. im using this as a base! ill post a pic when its done 🙂

  2. Im a lil new to the sewing thing, and love this idea.I am a bit confused as to how to sew the two edges of the tube together,so that the seam is hidden in this pattern. Any suggestions?

  3. The seam isn’t hidden the way they usually are. When you attach the tube to the base of the bed, you work with the tube fabric against the fabric for the outside bottom of the bed. The raw edges show at this point (so you have something to work with.) After you stuff the bottom and the tube, you roll the tube from the outside bottom to the inside bottom (in essence reversing it). Now the raw edges are tucked way down in on the inside of the bed and won’t show. Does that help? Hope so!

    I would love to see a photo of your finished bed! Please send a pic and I’ll post it. Can’t wait! Anyone else who has made it, please send pics too.

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