Michael Vick Indicted Again

Former NFL quarterback, Michael Vick, has been indicted on state charges of promoting dog fighting and torturing & unlawfully killing dogs. If found guilty, he could face more prison time.

You can read more about the previous case against Michael Vick on the archive page.

The Michigan State University College of Law has a very informative page on dog fighting that covers the history, the training, the culture, the societal cost, the criminal links, laws and legal issues, and evidence, including less obvious things such as the drugs/vitamins/medical supplies used. You can also find out about the signs of dog fighting. And the Humane Society of the United States has a FAQ on dog fighting. (Note: None of the these pages have gruesome photos of dogs showing the barbarism of dog fighting. They do have a wealth of information.)

You can help make a change in your own country by educating yourself and by supporting groups working to end dog fighting.

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