Rapper DMX May Face Animal Cruelty Charges


The bodies of three dogs were found during a raid of rapper DMX’s Arizona home. One body was burned too badly to tell how the dog died, but the second body had bite wounds and the third had severe abdominal wounds.

Twelve other dogs were found starving without food, water, or relief from the extreme heat. The dogs also had numerous wounds. At this time, it isn’t known if these dogs were used in dog fighting or if they had fought over food.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, pleaded guilty to charges related to animal cruelty in 2002 to avoid jail time and was required to make Public Service Announcements against animal cruelty.

DMX’s lawyer claims that regarding this latest incident, his client had not been home for months and that a caretaker had neglected the dogs. However, this contradicts neighbors’ reports of seeing DMX at his home three weeks before the raid.

4 Replies to “Rapper DMX May Face Animal Cruelty Charges”

  1. This is the exact same thing DMX did in 1999! That time he was CONVICTED OF ANIMAL CRUELTY. So he knew better than to have 13 dogs he wasn’t able to take care of himself. He could have had a web cam on these dogs if he wanted to make sure they were being taken care of properly. He doesn’t care, they are just ‘things’ to him.

    THere were Pit Bull puppies that actually GREW INTO THEIR CAGES in his first cruelty case in NJ. They had to be surgically removed- that is disgusting, and DMX damn sure better get real jail time for this cruelty in Arizona. Thank God Arizona has a sheriff that loves justice, and loves dogs. I hope DMX rots in hell, or better yet in a jail cell with a STUD and a rape stand. Him and Vick.

  2. I agree GaDove. I never knew about DMX and these incidents until now. This is completely ridiculous. And why would he leave someone that’s not smart enough to take care of these poor animals? He must be a real idiot! Shame on him and I hope he never sells another CD or movie!! You bastard! He should never be able to get or be around any more of these poor defenseless babies. If he does public announcements, he’ll only be sorry because he got caught, just like Vick!!! Let’s starve them and let them see how it feels to go without food or even water!!!! This really pisses me off!!!

  3. He’s dead. At 50. From cardiac arrest. He’ll never abuse or neglect another dog. But we need to learn from this is how he got that way. Look into his mother. Look into the culture. We can whine all we want, and we can try and save dogs from people like this, but doesn’t it make a lot more sense just to prevent the conditions that creates a messed up brain like his. Cuz there are about a hundred million more just like him and that’s only in the US. Worldwide there are billions. & every single one of them could have been prevented had we cared to change society and our culture so that the conditions that create such Minds cease to exist.

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