Door Mounted Cat Tree

Too cool! The Climber, a door mounted cat tree from Cat Livin, is a terrific idea for people (and cats) with limited floor space.

The sisal covered shelves are staggered and look like they’re well placed for cats to climb up. (I’ve seen plenty of cat trees where the shelf placement makes it really hard for cats to actually use the tree.) The shelves aren’t terribly deep, in order to give the cat tree a slim profile, but they are 14 inches long, so there is a fair bit of room for your kitties to hang out. I don’t know how well it will work for a scratching post given the orientation of the shelves.

The Climber is spring mounted, so you won’t damage your door putting it up. There’s an extension kit for longer doors. And, your door stays full functional. Clever, clever! (via apartmenttherapy)

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