DIY: Green Roof Dog House II

Here are directions for making your own green roof dog house. (Don’t miss the previous post on a do-it-yourself green roof veranda.) And be sure to check out these directions for making your own green roof dog house (scroll down) from the people at Sustainable Pet.

The two articles give information on supplies needed, what to use to water-proof, proper soil mixtures, and good plants to use—non-poisonous, don’t need fertilizer, pest free, native.

So what’s so cool about green roofs? They:

  • provide thermal and sound insulation
  • reduce rain run-off
  • are aesthetically appealing
  • reduce energy use
  • absorb CO2
  • reduce heat islands

As I said in the previous posts on the green roof dog houses (DIY: Green Roof Veranda and Green Roof Dog Houses), a green roof dog house won’t save the planet by itself, but it can start the conversation, it can serve as a small scale trial for a larger green roof, and it can give your dog a comfy place to relax when she’s outside.

Find out a lot more about green roofs at

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