Friday Fun: ColorMeKatie & Her Cat Moo

I am smitten—it’s true!  I’m in love with Moo the cat and his person, Katie Sokoler, is pretty nifty too.  He’s got mad ninja skills & really knows how to strike a pose and she’s a photographer & street artist with a scrumptious eye for color & a double helping of humor.

This series of Moo on the faucets is wonderful and really captures that melty, completely unconcerned essence some cats have.  Check out what Moo was secretly working on in the night. Clever boy!  He also works part-time as an alarm clock.

Katie has also started a project of pet portraits.  I swear I can hear that kitty purring.

Katie is also part of Improv Everywhere which stages silly, sweet, fun “scenes”.  Check out their Invisible Dog Doo-Dah!

Just one more thing, Girl might have the best business card evar!(images used with permission from Katie Sokoler)

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