Friday Fun: Maru Plays Spaceman

Maru is one cool cat.  He’s hoping to go into space someday.  Here’s a video of some of his high-tech training.

6 Replies to “Friday Fun: Maru Plays Spaceman”

  1. Maru has the MOST beautiful space suit I’ve ever seen – I know how lush his fur feels. What aplomb he has, definitely one who has “the right stuff” . . .

  2. Cute, but don’t leave him in there too long. Could be dangerous! The number one reason landfills and water ways should be with out this type of plastics..

  3. I absalutely love the Maru videos, this one too. I am just worried that you might get some people who will take this and try it with their cats – or leave plastic bags around for their cat to play with. Their are so many cats who die from suffocation in this horrible way. Keep the Maru Videos coming 🙂

  4. that’s good advice not to leave bags and other ‘chokables’ around where your cat can get into them when you aren’t there to perform a rescue! i have to be sure all crunchy plastics are hidden or my kitteh will chew them until her lips are bloody and swollen from an allergic reaction. dork.

    Maru’s habit of putting his head wherever he can is highly documented (he even has his own calendar! want it!) so i’m betting his human never leaves dangerous things around. only for photo ops!


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