“Goth” Pierced Kittens Rescued From Home

I don’t even know what to say about this story—the mind just reels.  This started when a man in one state noticed kittens in another state with piercings in their ears, neck, & tail were being sold as “goth” kittens on eBay. This compassionate man drove to  Pennsylvania, saw the kittens at the woman’s home, and then called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Luzerne County.

Humane officers and state police found three kittens with piercings, an adult cat, and a dog who also had pierced ears.  I hope authorities look into the welfare of the child living there. Other than swearing, I’m pretty much speechless.  I do not understand how anyone would think this was ok.

The ad also ran on a pets classified ad site. It looks like she docked their tails too.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania only rates average when it comes to their state laws concerning animal protection.  How does your state rate?


6 Replies to ““Goth” Pierced Kittens Rescued From Home”

  1. I think that this is the most sick and twisted thing that I have ever read about. What sick minded Bastard would do such a thing to innocent creatures? This person obviously had way too much time on their hands and fuled themselves off the ignorance of something to be motivated enough to do this to animals.
    If in fact these people had any kind of common sense, they would have thought this may have been a bad idea for the fact that animals tend to use their “HIND PAWS” to scratch themselves. What would happen if they ripped their piercings out when doing something that is of a routine instinct? Also there is the factor of younger children. Children tend to play with animals just as rough as animals can play back. What if a child were to rip out a piercing on accident? Animals have rights too. Just because they cannot speak english, they are living creatures like us who have souls like us who bleed just the same like us. It makes me sick to my stomach that there are people within this world who don’t value the existance of life within themselves as they would in others (Human & Animal alike). (Edited by PetProject: I’ve deleted an understandable, but graphic revenge fantasy. I don’t want my site to become a hostile environment.)
    Thank God that those animals were rescued from the dark behavior of those beasts.

  2. I just started to read the response of a Veronica Rome concerning the stupidity of PA woman giving tiny kittens and dogs piercings and I could not continue on reading it. I must concur with her assessment. Gosh that is absolutely disgusting!! My good God, whatever possessed that PA woman to do that? She has got to be mentally unstable!! Did she think that was cute? Gosh, I’d be happy to knock some sense into that thing she pretends to use for a brain.

  3. When a ranger does this in the name of wildlife management, tagging the ears of animals, it is ok. When a nitwit does it for adornment it is somehow different. Hmmmmm.

  4. My animals give me more then most people do. Any one that would do that to an animal should go to jail for life. Even that would be to good for her. A nice adornment for her would be a ring in her ear that is ear to ear right through the middle.

  5. I agree with Phil. I am not saying that what she did was right but come on people there are motr important issues than this.

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