Green Roof Dog House

Now you can buy an eco-friendly dog house for your pup. The Green Roof Dog House (via Inhabitat) from Sustainable Pet won’t save the planet by itself, but it could get the conversation started, be a small scale trial for a larger green roof, or, at the very least, provide a cooler place for your dog to hang out.

I don’t think cats or dogs should just be left outside, but even pets who spend most of their time indoors may need some shelter from the heat or rain when they are outside. A house with a green roof would work great and look nifty too.

The houses are made from cedar, not pressure treated wood, so your pets won’t be exposed to toxic chemicals. They also use zero-VOC paint (no emission of Volatile Organic Compounds), water-proof with beeswax, and the plants for the roof will be customized for the area you live.

So what’s so cool about green roofs? They:

  • provide thermal and sound insulation
  • reduce rain run-off
  • are aesthetically appealing
  • reduce energy use
  • absorb CO2
  • reduce heat islands

Find out a lot more about green roofs at

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