How To Be A Good Vet Client

vetcaduceusxoJane has practical advice on how to How Not To Be A Dick At The Vet Hospital.  Both of Claire Lower’s parents are vets and she’s heard lots of stories about difficult owners.  Her father says, “Not all pet owners are crazy, but all crazy people have pets.”  Your pets will be better off if you’re not one of those crazy people!

Claire’s mom has also written a piece on her own blog on being a good vet client.  I was really struck by this piece of advice:

Be upfront with the doctor.  If you only have $250 to spend let them know.   The worst feeling is running blood tests and X-rays then finding out there is no more money to treat the pet.  I have a saying.. “X-rays are not therapeutic”

Don’t let your embarrassment hurt your pet.  Speak up and tell your vet what’s going on.  Your pets are counting on you!

4 Replies to “How To Be A Good Vet Client”

  1. To put it bluntly, the problem of being or not being a good vet client is having or not having money?

  2. I am not completely sure, but many people could think so, by the way it is put. If I have only 200$ and my cat would need therapy for 250$, what would the vet do, skip a part of the therapy to accommodate the budget? It is up to me to find the missing 50$ and give my cat all she truly needs..

  3. Um, that’s not what it says at all. The vet wants to know ahead of time if a client has a limited budget so she can treat the pet most effectively. Test aren’t therapeutic, but medicine, IV drips, antibiotics, etc. are. If you read the posts, it’s pretty clear they’re not saying anything like “the problem of being or not being a good vet client is having or not having money.”

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