July 4th Fireworks & Your Pets

The Humane Society of the U.S. has great advice on how to keep your pets safe July 4th.

The days after the Fourth of July are the busiest for shelters as they’re flooded with animals who ran away because of fireworks. I’ve noticed a rash of lost posters appears every year in the week following the holiday. For every lost poster, there is a person who never thought it would happen to them. Don’t let it be you and your pet.

Remember to plan for your pets when you’re making your own plans for the 4th of July.

  • make sure they have i.d.—tags & a microchip
  • don’t take your dog to fireworks displays
  • keep cats inside
  • keep dogs inside, a dog that has never jumped a fence or tunneled under one can do it in a panic
  • if you know your pet is terrified of fireworks, consult your vet ahead of time about herbal anti-anxiety remedies or medication
  • consider trying a pheromone dispenser or an Anxiety Wrap
  • if your fireworks go off at an unexpected time and your dog panics, get her into an enclosed space whether it’s your house or your car (don’t leave her in an unairconditioned car!)

If your pet panics and runs away, this very thorough article has excellent advice, including putting out items scented strongly with your smells and your pet’s like your dirty clothes and your pets bedding or your cat’s litterbox. Post on Pets911.com. And watch out for scams.

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  1. Very good read. We keep our cats locked up in a room for july 4th during the fireworks. To reduce the sound of the fireworks we play a nature sounds CD real loud for them. I know it is cheesey but it seems to work 🙂

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