A Modern Approach On How To Let Kids Pet Your Dog…Or Not

If you live with a dog or if you have kids, don’t miss this superb article on how to have smooth, happy interactions between children and dogs. It’s packed with great advice on how to read your dog and how to teach children the right ways to pet a dog. I’m excited, because it’s not often I come across such a well written, cogent article on dog behavior. You’ll notice there’s no archaic talk about dominance to be found in the article. Yea Linda Lombardi!!

Some highlights:

  • if a child asks to pet your dog, don’t force your dog to be still, either by picking them up or holding their leash tightly. Instead, let your dog approach the child if they want to be petted. And if the dog doesn’t want to be petted, let her be.
  • teach children to pet dogs under their chins or along the sides of their necks or their sides. Most dogs do not like to be petted on the tops of their heads.
  • I love this gem on how to explain to children how not to approach dogs—“How would you like some strange person to run up to you, squeal, grab your face and give you a big kiss? They get that, they understand that when you put it in those terms,” says Robinson.
  • and finally, if you need to say no to children petting your dog, it’s ok.

Definitely read the whole article. It’s worth it!

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