Pet Food Recall: First Hogs, Then Chickens, Now Fish

salmon.jpgFirst it was tainted, salvage pet food being fed to hogs and chickens, now it’s fish farmed for human consumption being fed fish meal made with melamine tainted ingredients.

It’s also become clear that, the tainted “wheat gluten” and “rice protein concentrate” that has killed and sickened so many pets is actually just wheat flour. It’s pathetic.

ChemNutra, the U.S. company that supplied the melamine tainted materials to pet food companies, also sold contaminated material to the fish meal maker. When asked, ChemNutra said they chose not to include the shipment to the fish meal company in their April 2nd recall of materials sold to pet food companies because they “co-brokered” the deal and didn’t actually “sell” the tainted material.

You can find out much more on the recall on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

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