Lawyer Appointed To Represent Dog


Ron Callan, Jr. killed himself leaving no will, a $2 Million estate, and a 13 year old Golden Retriever named Alex. It’s Alex that Callan, Jr’s divorced parents have been fighting over, but there’s also Callan, Jr’s ex-girlfriend and his fiancee who are both interested in having access to Alex too. This isn’t a case where the money goes where the dog goes. Because there are four people interested in the dog, the judge appointed a lawyer to represent Alex’s interests. Alex’s lawyer recommended joint custody between Callan, Jr’s parents and the judge ruled that Alex will move every two weeks between Callan, Sr. and Esther Snow Gnall.

2 Replies to “Lawyer Appointed To Represent Dog”

  1. Poor dog being pulled from pillar to post like the kids in a divorce case. He just needs to be loved by everyone and have a stable home – he is probably pining for his human who should have made sure that his 4-legged family was well looked after in the case of his demise.

  2. Poor old dog, they ought to make the people move every two weeks and not this old boy. Of course, I think the same about children of divorce moving from house to house. Give the house to the kids and make the parents move!

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