Subway Kitten Found Alive After 25 Days

subkitten.jpgGeorgia (pictured left) is a kitten with a tale to tell. The 6 month kitten ran onto the subway tracks when the door to her carrier popped open and survived 25 days in the NYC subway tunnels.

Two track workers, Mark Dalessio and Efrain LaPorte, thoroughly searched the area by meowing for the kitten after reports of a possible sighting. They heard a meow in return and discovered Georgia hiding between two tracks. The lucky kitten was reunited with her human, Ashley Phillips.

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  1. Major Dennis and squad,

    You guys are all doing a great job. Thank you
    for serving our country. You are so appreciated.
    Great story on Nubbs! Pls. let us know if there is
    an address we can send a care package to you guys –

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