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(Maj. Brian Dennis & his team.)

(Update 9/25/09: You can read my recent interview with Maj. Dennis about Nubs here!)

You’ve probably already seen the story on the Iraqi dog Nubs who tracked a US soldier 70 miles to rejoin him. Before this story took off, I wrote Maj. Dennis to thank him for looking out for Nubs and on the off chance he might answer a few questions. Then the story got picked up by more media outlets and I figured there was no way he’d write back, when all these bigwigs would be wanting to hear from him. Well, Maj. Dennis very graciously wrote back and gave me a little more information on Nubs.

Some of the news stories made it sound like there was difficulty in getting the dog across the Jordanian border. Turns out there was a lot less mystery and mainly just bureaucracy. It really only took filling out the correct paperwork with the Jordanian Border Authority. I was curious about Nubs’ personality and how it had been affected by his harsh life. Maj. Dennis describes him as very friendly, but a little timid. I think it’s remarkable that Nubs could still be friendly without his fear taking over. Dennis and his team were able to do a bit more for Nubs than I would have expected given their situation. Lucky Nubs was fed steak, chicken, and pop-tarts. Doggie heaven! He slept in the field with them and when he followed them home, Nubs got to sleep in their barracks.

When Nubs gets to the States, he’ll be staying with friends until Dennis returns home. Not surprisingly, Maj. Dennis has another mixed-breed dog named Bogey so Nubs will have a new pal. I also want to point out that according to this comment from a friend of Maj. Dennis’ there is NO effort to raise funds to bring Nubs to the US. So, if anyone is asking for money, it is probably a scam.

I hope the day comes soon that Nubs, Bogey, and Maj. Dennis are all enjoying the sun and surf at the dog beach in San Diego. And eating pop-tarts!

(Update: Nubs is now in San Diego.)

I’ve checked with Major Dennis and he said it was okay to post his email address. You can write him at:



He also said Nubs is doing great in San Diego.  Yea!

58 Replies to “More On Nubs From Maj. Brian Dennis”

  1. Dear Major Dennis,
    I am a Kindergarten through fifth grade Library Media Specialist in the elementary school of Wm. R. Cappel. We are located in Moscow Mills, MO. about one and one-half hours from St. Louis, MO. The story of Nubs in the book by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery, “Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle”, is the reason I am writing to you.

    Your story and the book have been nominated in the state of Missouri for the Show-Me Reader Award. This nomination category puts this book in a reading category for Kindergarten through Third grade.

    I enjoyed this story so very much. My husband was a dog handler in Vietnam in 1970. He shares his story of his experiences and memories with his German Shepard Daisy to this day. Your story about Nubs is so very moving and important that I had my husband read it. He was so touch and thought it was terrific.

    My school has a character education program to promote positive qualities in children whom are students and life long learners. We have a character theme this year known as “Paying it Forward.” Nubs is exactly the perfect example of unconditional caring and giving to inspire children. You are also the perfect example of unconditional inspiration that will give student pause to reflect on what it means to “Pay it forward”. I applaud you and Nubs for having this book written.

    Our school celebrates and honors Veterans and Veteran’s Day each year. We have activities that students create and engage in to welcome, remember, and honor veterans with.

    I would like to know if you could help me locate a local veteran with a retired dog that would be willing to visit my school to share their story and experiences about their fellow canine soldier. I’ve been trying to locate someone through the local television stations, and online but haven’t be very successful.

    If you can help me with this I would be honored to welcome this heroic duo-team of soldiers to our school.
    Once again thank you and I hope your story is chosen to receive the Missouri Show-Me Reader Award.

    Mrs. Joan Willenbrock
    Wm. R. Cappel Elementary
    121 Hampel. Rd.
    Moscow Mills, MO 63362

  2. Hi

    I am a teacher in Lakeside, San Diego. I was wondering if I could have you, Major Brian Dennis and Nubs come speak to our class here in San Diego, sometime this school year.

    Thank you,
    Zulma Santana

  3. Hello,

    I like your story about you Major Brian Dennis and Nubs. When I read the story it made me cry soo much. I am very happy that take care of Nubs. I have a question for you: why don’t marines can’t have a pet? Please write back to me. Thank you.

    Lindsey <3

  4. Major Dennis and Nubs-
    My class loved your story! Each week they do a Random Act of Kindness and they chose the two of you. They have made cards for you and would love to send them to you. Could you share an address to mail them to? It could be a place of business if you don’t want to give out your personal address.
    Thank you!
    Kim Heckart

  5. Major Dennis, is it possible to rescue all thee war dogs and process adoptions for them in the States? Your story had me crying like a baby. I’m truly happy you and Nubs encountered one another and now are a Family. God bless ya’ll ALWAYS XO:;)

  6. Thank you Major Dennis and Nubs for your service. God bless you and protect ya’ll Always 🙂

  7. Dear Nubs and Major Brian Dennis,
    We are a Kindergarten class at Russom Elementary School in Dallas GA. We just read your book and we LOVED it! We love Nubs and we love you. We were excited to read about your great friendship. We are all trying to be great friends to those around us. We would love to have an update on how you and Nubs are doing now. We heard Nubs might have had a new baby brother or sister. We are wondering if Nubs has done anymore traveling. We are wondering if you are doing well and if you are deployed anywhere.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us!
    Mrs. C-W’s Class 2016 -2017
    Nicholas, Emily, Sawyer, Sofia, Isabelle, Colin, Lukas D., Logan, Jeannie, Tyler, John, Lucas M., Victor, Ndolo, Abbie Rae, Brady, Lily, DJ, and Jonas

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