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(Maj. Brian Dennis & his team.)

(Update 9/25/09: You can read my recent interview with Maj. Dennis about Nubs here!)

You’ve probably already seen the story on the Iraqi dog Nubs who tracked a US soldier 70 miles to rejoin him. Before this story took off, I wrote Maj. Dennis to thank him for looking out for Nubs and on the off chance he might answer a few questions. Then the story got picked up by more media outlets and I figured there was no way he’d write back, when all these bigwigs would be wanting to hear from him. Well, Maj. Dennis very graciously wrote back and gave me a little more information on Nubs.

Some of the news stories made it sound like there was difficulty in getting the dog across the Jordanian border. Turns out there was a lot less mystery and mainly just bureaucracy. It really only took filling out the correct paperwork with the Jordanian Border Authority. I was curious about Nubs’ personality and how it had been affected by his harsh life. Maj. Dennis describes him as very friendly, but a little timid. I think it’s remarkable that Nubs could still be friendly without his fear taking over. Dennis and his team were able to do a bit more for Nubs than I would have expected given their situation. Lucky Nubs was fed steak, chicken, and pop-tarts. Doggie heaven! He slept in the field with them and when he followed them home, Nubs got to sleep in their barracks.

When Nubs gets to the States, he’ll be staying with friends until Dennis returns home. Not surprisingly, Maj. Dennis has another mixed-breed dog named Bogey so Nubs will have a new pal. I also want to point out that according to this comment from a friend of Maj. Dennis’ there is NO effort to raise funds to bring Nubs to the US. So, if anyone is asking for money, it is probably a scam.

I hope the day comes soon that Nubs, Bogey, and Maj. Dennis are all enjoying the sun and surf at the dog beach in San Diego. And eating pop-tarts!

(Update: Nubs is now in San Diego.)

I’ve checked with Major Dennis and he said it was okay to post his email address. You can write him at:



He also said Nubs is doing great in San Diego.  Yea!

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  1. Hello,
    I am currently working on trying to bring two puppies home from the desert and the cost is going to run around 3,000-4,000 dollars. There is money involved its just about who you can get to help. Or like I plan to do fundraisers and donations. So I disagree with your comment that if anyone asks for money its probally a scam.

  2. Lynn,
    I believe that the statement ‘So, if anyone is asking for money, it is probably a scam’, is refering ONLY to the request for money as it relates to Nub. There is no effort on Major Dennis’s part to raise money in order to bring Nub to the US, so any requests running around the internet, mass emails or elsewhere asking for money in Nubs name is probably a scam. Good luck to you with your rescue mission.

  3. How can we contact Brian and Nubs, to say great job and send Nubs some “We’re Glad You’re In America” dog treats!? Such a touching story…

  4. This is one of the greatest stories I have ever heard, and a true testament to the bond between dog and man. In my mind, Nubs knew that Major Brian had saved him, and knew they needed to be together forever. I cried when I read it, and bet my dog would find me no matter where. Best of luck to Brian and his buddy, and thank God for dogs!!

  5. I also cried when I read about Nubs story. I just lost my 14 year old rotty to cancer. I know my dog would have gone 70 miles too. My dog was spoiled rotten and I wish that all pets would be so lucky. Thank you Major Dennis, I hope for a quick return for all of you!
    Dog Lover

  6. I’ve checked with Major Dennis and he said it was okay to post his email address. You can write him at:

    brian [dot] dennis [at] aa [dot] mnf-wiraq [dot] usmc [dot] mil

    current email:


  7. Hello Lynn, Donna is correct in saying that anyone raising money for NUBS is a scam. There is no effort to raise more money for NUBS at this point. I am sure there are other folks trying to get animals home such as yourself that are doing fundraisers. I do wish you the best of luck in your endeavor!!

  8. Hello, I’m in The Mass Air Guard on Active Duty currently, does anyone have a valid email for Maj. Dennis as the one I’m using is not working. Thanks,

  9. It is so nice to know that this world has people like Maj. Dennis. If there were more people like him this world would be a better place. This story has touched my heart in a way that I can describe. I hope that Nubs is doing well and lives a very happy life here in The U.S.

  10. Omg when I read this TEARS TEARS TEARS were streaming down my face….LOVE THIS STORY AND Maj Dennis for loving Nubs. I read the above comments but didnt catch Maj Dennis email address. I too would love to send Nubs a WELCOME HOME care package on behalf of my 2 doggies Cleo (former pound doggy) & Leia. This is such a beautiful story especially after I just read about the Youtube video on the marine throwin the puppy off that cliff 🙁 I could not bare myself to watch it.

  11. This is my favorite story of the year! Thousands of miles away from home, with much more stressful things on his mind, this Major cares that a dog is following him and wants him home and safe! It’s great to know our soldiers are looking out for us, and animals as well! Thanks so much for all they do!

  12. Major Brian Dennis….THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY. I cannot tell you how much you and your family mean to me as an American. My brother served in the Vietnam War in the Coast Guar..he volunteer to go there…and I love him very much. He came back to us, thank GOD.

    I love animals and I’m sure there’s hundred’s more out there…but I want you to know how much what you’ve done for NUBS is so wonderful and how he must love you so very much. How our pets and animals love us to the end. I hope that you can will have your other fellow soldiers follow in your footsteps as far as saving the animslas is concerned

  13. Dearest Major Brian Dennis,
    We are so proud of you and so grateful to you for serving our country. We are in tears over the story about Nubs. It is heartwarming and I am so glad he is safe in San Diego now. May God bless you , your Family, Bogey and Nubs.
    I am honored to have known you through this wonderful rescue story.
    God Bless all the Kitties and Pups and creatures of this world and save them from cruelty.
    Linda Webb

  14. Just want to let you know Maj. Dennis is not accepting donations. He has stated he feels Nubs is his responsibility and he will provide for him.

  15. Sarah, I was so touched by wonderful, heartfelt story of a dog and his companion…I just have to make a bracelet for Maj. Dennis. Please go to my website and check them out. This bracelet will represent the bond he has with Nubs.. I could engrave something special like NUBS, WALKING 75 MILES FOR LOVE or just NUBS (men prefer simple, with no hearts) ….NUBS, HOME FOR GOOD, NUBS, COMING HOME. NUBS, MY BUDDY NUBS – LOVE FOUND IN IRAQ
    NUBS, FINDING A WAY TO THE HEART 2008 The bracelet would be .925 sterling silver, men’s wide, with pawprints on the ends of bracelet..they are absolutely can see them also on ASPCA, shop on-line…there is a good picture of a men’s wide.

    Ellen Kindstedt, PetLuvBracelets.

    Or can you get this message to Maj. Dennis and ask what he would like? I would prefer engraving his choice of words, Thanks
    Please email me back at my email address.

  16. HELLO Brian the way my name is SALAH SALEA I am From Iraq-Baghdad but I live in beautiful San Diego-CA and also Iam an Actor my first Movie it was the (THREE KINGS)my Role it was opening Scene I was the Iraqi Soldier with the map any way and my other job Iam Training the Marines the and one of my Student I was teaching him the Arabic Language and the culture before he deploy to Iraq and how to win this war by Heart and mind and all I want to say major Brain he was is my wonderful friend welcome back home body and Forget as body.thanks allot


  17. I read this fantastic story in the paper and sent it to my mom. She was so moved that she did some checking around and found out, supposedly, that Major Dennis is stationed at Miramar Naval Air Station. So she wrote him a nice long letter of support and enclosed a $50 check “to buy your dog some treats”. Sadly, the letter was returned “undeliverable as addressed.” I would love to be able to forward this to him, if anyone can tell me his mailing address (I live not too far from Miramar NAS, BTW).
    Also, it would mean so much to my mom to be able to talk to him and or visit…is that too out of the question? She’s 89 and feeling down about some health issues; she has been passionate about the War Dogs story and wants to support our vets & dogs.

  18. I heard he’s single, I’ll date him in a flash!!!! Anyone that rescues and loves animals like him,….Is my HERO!

  19. Hello, it’s Brian here. I’m back in Iraq and Nubs is home doing well. I never saw this blog last year and just found it surfing the web.


    Maj Brian Dennis

  20. I want to let Brian know how much my fourth grade students and I enjoyed the story of Nubs, and what a strong, positive impact Brian and Nubs have had on all of us. Thank you, Brian, for serving our country and showing so much unconditional love and compassion towards Nubs. You have set an unforgettably meaningful example of how we need to treat God’s creatures. God bless you and Nubs, and best wishes always!

  21. also like to thank all of the wonderful people for the kind hearted comments god bless you all

  22. I just learned about Maj. Dennis and Nubs from the Tonight Show that was televised last night. Nubs looks very much like my Canaan dogs, a breed native to Israel and the Middle East. The Canaan dogs are used by the Bedouins as herding and alarm dogs, and by the Israelis as war dogs and everything we used German Shepherds for in the U. S. (guide dogs, police dogs, etc.). The Bedouins have been known to cut the ears on dogs that they want to use as a herding dog so that they aren’t as distracted by the sounds in the area and so the dogs will focus on herding work. If you do some research on this breed you will see some pictures of Canaan dogs with their ears cropped off while working livestock. While I don’t agree with this practice, it might shed some light on why his ears were cut.

    If you are interested in finding out more about these dogs, which I honestly consider to be some of the smartest dogs ever especially in the area of reading people and other animals, please contact me. It may shed some light on how and why Nubs had done some of things he has done.

  23. I would like to email Major Dennis in regards to his book. I am sure he is flooded with letters, but I would consider it an honor if I could tell him in an email how exceptional I think he is. Could you please ask him if it would be alright to email him?

  24. Our schoo principal would llike to contact Maj. Brian Dennis. She has read the book to our classroom students. She is thnking it would be nice to have Nubs come visit our school with Maj. Brian. Anyone know of a contact # for him? Our school is located in Los Angeles, CA. My contact is

  25. Major Dennis,
    Merry Christmas! I will pray for your safe return to your family and Nubs. Thank you for your service dedication and service to our country. Godspeed to you and all our heroes and God Bless the USA!

  26. Hello-

    I just recently read about this story in People magazine. I torn the page out and kept it. This story is so heartfelt. It made me cry but my tears were filled with joy.

    Major Dennis, you saved so many people along with your fellow crew. Nubs was your angel looking over you. You are a true and kind person. You and Nubs are truely meant to be.



  27. I am writing on behalf of teh San Francisco SPCA. I am the Co chair of the BArk & Whine Ball to CLAW to raise money for homeless animals that need critical medical care in the shelter.
    We would like to use Nubs as one of our Animal Heroes > we would like to have a good photo of Nubs that we can blow up into a 15′ x 20′ banners as a tribute to our pets.
    Is there a way i could reach someone that could help us obtain such a photo??
    Susan Christman
    Co Chair Bark & Whine

  28. This is nathan from Mrs.harpers class the one who sends stuf to soldiers! I live in tennessee knoxville. the little nubs has been on a little journey! 70 miles! I read the book nubs!

  29. Dear Major Dennis,
    I am currently a special ed assistant and bought your book to share with the 3rd grade class I am with this year. The children (and adults) loved it. We passed it along to all the other 3rd grades and others in our school. Everyone would love to hear how you and Nubs are doing. Thank you for your dedication to protecting all of us in the USA.
    Cathi and the 3rd graders

  30. I have never been more moved by a story. Major Dennis must be a remarkable person. I am also very grateful to him and the rest of our military for their services. If we as people could only learn from the unconditional love given by our pets this truly would be a miracle. We recieved this book in our school library and I will see that every classroom has this read to them. Maybe that will help to create better people in our future. Thank you again Major Brian

  31. One of the few proud and proud stand up marines, God bless you. A gay guy with the utmost respect for what your cause and your a pilot , wow, bless you sir. Tom

  32. Hi Major Brian Dennis,
    I read your book to every class at our elementary school last year. We just had a book fair, and your book NUBS was as popular as ever. What a touching & inspiring story. Do you ever make school visits? We are very close to Camp Pendleton. Our school is Chapman Hills Elementary, 170 North Aspen, Orange, CA 92869. We are very close to Santiago Community College in Orange. Our students would be thrilled if you and Nubs could make a visit?
    Thank you.
    Pam Carrie, Librarian, Chapman Hills

  33. Hi Major Brian Dennis,

    I read your book about Nubs in my Kindergarten class and I was really happy for what you did for Nubs. The story was really sad but also touching and made a few people in my class cry when it was read. I live in Baltimore, MD and if you ever decide to visit the East Coast I attend St. Thomas Aquinas School. We would love for you to come and tell us your inspiring story. Thank you for doing something so kind hearted for a friend in need. When I grow up I want to do the same things for dogs as you did for Nubs. You are truly a great person!

  34. A big Hoo Raw to Maj. Brian Dennis. We are proud to have you on our side. I too am a librarian at an elementery school. I just finished reading your story to my 4th and 5th grade classes. They had to be tested on the story when I finished. Most of them got a 100%. That doesn’t happen very often. All my kids loved your story. Our best to you and Nubs.

  35. You have the best story ever! You’ve been the best person ever because you saved a war dog. Good look to you and Nubs.

  36. You are the best marine ever because you rescued Nubs. I loved your story.Its like the best story I ever read about dogs!I wish you and Nubs good luck.

  37. Hello, I wish you and Nubs good luck in your life. I read your book and I loved it. I thank you for serving our contry. I love that you saved Nubs. Your my new roll model!

  38. Dear Brian and Nubs,
    I love your book. Nubs is cute and smart. Can you send a picture of Nubs? Thank you so much!


  39. Dear Nubs and Brian,
    it’s Ingrid how is Nubs? How are you too? Is Nubs having fun? Could you send a picture of Nubs?

    So long,

  40. Hi it’s Ingrid,
    How ya doing? I read the book again. It’s good and exiting! How’s Nubs and the other dog? Nubs is a very good dog.

    Your friend,

  41. My children and I have read your (and Nubs’) story SEVERAL times. They love it and they love Nubs! We are trying to plan a family vacation this summer and they both asked if we could go to San Diego just so that we could visit Nubs. Would this be at all possible? Thank you (for everything).

    – Theresa 🙂

  42. Three of my ESL students wanted to write a quick note to Brian. Here they are. Brian, do you read this?

    Dear Brian,
    I think Nubs is a strong dog because he survived a screwdriver stab.
    Brandon, 6th Grade
    Abraham Lincoln Elementary
    Medford, OR

    Dear Brian,
    Your dog is a determined dog. He is strong. 70 miles! Man, that is cool.
    Isahi, 5th Grade
    Abraham Lincoln Elem.
    Medford, OR

    Dear Brian,
    I think Nubs is an amazing dog because he walked 70 miles. I bet it’s cool to have a dog like Nubs. P.S. I hope you write back.

    Llullisa, 5th Grade
    Abraham Lincon Elem.
    Medford, OR

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