Wal-Mart Chicken Jerky Tests Positive For Melamine


Tests have found melamine in the chicken jerky Wal-Mart removed from shelves in July. The affected brands are Chicken Jerky Strips from Import-Pingyang Pet Product Co. and Chicken Jerky from Shanghai Bestro Trading. As reported before, Wal-Mart removed these treats after receiving customer complaints, but they didn’t make any announcement to warn consumers. At this point, the FDA still doesn’t have anything about it on their site.  Super.

There is a very well maintained list of safe (not part of the previous huge recall) pet foods at PetSitUSA.com. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

You can find out much more on previous recalls on my Pet Food Recall Archive Page.

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    As an employee of ADI Pet, the company who manufactures Waggin Train Brand products, and an owner of two Labrador retrievers who consume these treats along with other Waggin Train Brand items on a regular basis, I can insure you ALL Waggin Train products, including Chicken Jerky tenders are safe and have NOT been pulled from store shelves.

    Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Treats are made from high quality premium chicken breasts that undergo very strict quality control and testing procedures.

    Please check out the links below for more information about Waggin Train Brand Chicken Jerky Treats. If you require further information please contact our head of customer service at 864-622-0101 or waggintrainbrand@adipet.com.





    Jennifer LaPointe
    Marketing Manager, ADI Pet, Inc.

  2. I’ve read all your info on the facility where your chicken tenders
    are manufactured in China. My question is how do you know what
    the chickens are fed that they are using?

    Their feed seems to be the big problem and what they add to it.
    Who supervises that?

    Thankd you.
    Grace Blake

  3. I believe that your Jerky Tenders caused my dog’s death. Where do we go from here as far as analyzing them for either salmonella or melanine?? He was completely fine until he ingested your treats. One week of bloody diarrhea and vomiting caused my veterinarian and boss to euthenize him. I would like someone to contact me about this. I still have the treats and my other two dogs were made sick by them as well. THank God they didn’t eat as much as our beloved “Beanie” did. Please contact me at this e-mail address. simons_4@hotmail.com

  4. Dingo brand’s China supplier is Peidi Pet Product Co. Ltd., is also behind the Salmonella. The biscuit they are selling to Walmart was removed from the shelves in 2007 and was penalized with USD 50,000, and then the whole issue was erased from the record. Check with FDA official website and type in Peidi, and you will find at least 10 Salmonella records on the site. I am sure there is a conspiracy in the deal between Dingo, Peidi and Walmart.


  6. My dog has been eating the Waggin Train brand for some time with no problems. This latest bag made her sick with diarrhea, vomiting and lethargic for days. I gave her a special diet for a couple weeks and things got better. I never figured it was the chicken jerky until weeks after she got sick I decided she was ok to have one. She dropped it to the floor and wouldn’t eat it. That made me google the product and I found so many others with the same symptoms. Something is definitely wrong with this batch. She won’t touch them and she loved them. This company cannot begin to say their products are safe when they are manufactured by their “partners” in China. Lucky my dog is big young and healthy lab. I’m reading small and older dogs are sicker or even dying. Boycott China dog treats!

  7. Have been giving my English Springer Spaniel Waggin’ Train for 3-4 years, one per day until recently, she started getting 2-3 per day due to increased activity. She stopped eating her dog food, urinating every 5 mins, drinking every 2-3 mins, I mean a cup at a time. Vet tested her and she had high liver enzymes and thyroid condition. Did liver biopsy(surgically) and found very fatty liver and discoloration of same. It almost tore apart in his hand. She was radiating heat like crazy through her spine area, yet her temp was normal. Would not lie on her bed anymore, just on the cool tile or out on the breezeway cement. This was a comfort dog who just loved the couch or beds, any bed at all. After being out over $1,500 within the past 5 weeks, I will never again give my animals anything from China. This product used to say ‘Rancho, CA’. I suppose that the taxes were too high so they moved and now the packaging states, ADI-Pet, INC. Reno-NV. I suppose and know that the taxes are cheaper in NV, so…I guess they went one step farther and began to outsource/import and now they have a bunch of ‘shit’ for a product, as it now shows it is made in China. When were first began buying these about 5 years ago, there was nothing which showed they were made in China. I urge everyone to never buy this product at any time. Sam’s Club supplied ours, but I’m sure they are sold at a lot of places. I do not care what they say, I know it is the chicken treats that caused her ‘near death’. She is on the road to recovery, thanks in large part to money well spent, a good vet, feeding by hand, force feeding with a syringe, patience, pills by the dozens, sitting up at night with her and cuddling and soothing her fears. China can go to HELL and so can ADI-PET, INC. Nothing they can say will convince me otherwise and I will go into Sam’s Club and write all over their display cases…’THESE ARE FROM CHINA, AND THEY WILL KILL YOUR DOG’!!!!!

  8. I was under the impression that anything that I bought at Walmart or Sam’s was safe list. Now I’m afraid to let my 14 year old Pekenese have anymore treats. What’s the problem with America getting food from China?? It’s not fair to put information in the pet isle that all pet food is safe, it has been scanned for the recall list. You could not replace my dog that I inherited on this very day. My Mother died on Jan. 08,07′ and I have her dog. A big connection and she is very important to me! What are dog lover’s to do! I don’t get it.

  9. As a microbiologist, I find this string interesting. testing for salmonella in products being imported into the US are very spotty at best. This is nothing against the companies producing or importing, but a slam against the regulators. If a product is destined for import into the US and is to be consumed by humans, the recommended amount to be tested is 1500 grams. However, the amount required to be tested for a pet food product is 25 grams. Using simple math, and supposing that only 1% of a product harbors the bacteria, you would have to perform testing 60 times before hitting a single positive, although the entire manufacturing lot is contaminated.

  10. I got on the computer to see if WagginTrain had a site for me to buy the Jerky Treats as they might be less expensive. Imagine my absolute horror to read all the stories regarding Melamin and Jerky Tenders being recalled. I usually buy mine at WalMart and there has been NO such information given out about this. My dog LOVES these treats, and luckily she has not become sick from them, but I will stop buying them at once. There is just no excuse why our food and that of our pets has contamination. Shame on all manufacturers.

  11. Laciessite.org is the website for the dog owners whose pets became ill, and some have died after eating treats made in China.
    Various brands were involved and sold at many different stores.
    Most of them are still being sold now.
    We have about 50 members now. Not all the stories are on the website yet, but at least 25 of them are.
    All you have to do to become a member is to go to the website, follow the instructions on how to send in your true story, notify the FDA using the FDA instructions there also, and someone from our group will get back to you, with the information that you need.
    jennie’s mom

  12. Well you are just flat stupid if you feed these to your dogs. You can email me and I will give you the $6,200 worth of test showing they sent my dog into kidney failure. Seriously for the sake of your pet do not feed them these treats if you love your pet.

  13. My dog is very ill also. Liver and Kidney we think so far. I don’t know if he will live. Trying to save him but it does not look good. The Waggin’ Train Wholesome Chicken Jerky Tenders says the company is located in Anderson, South Carolina, 29623. Purchased at Costco.

  14. Like Pamela McQuarrie, I got on line to see if there was a site where I could buy the Jerky Tenders my dog, and all his doggie friends, absolutely love. Like her, I thought maybe I could save a little money by buying on-line. Like her, I was totally SHOCKED to read the horror stories. I must confess, I thought twice when I saw the “made in China” tag, but was won over by the ingredients listed “Chicken Breast Fillet, salt and sugar”. However, as Grace Blake asked, “how do you know what the chickens have been fed”??? Sorry, Sammy, I know you won’t understand, but you won’t be getting any more of this Chinese product!!!!

  15. July 22,2009. Had to euthanasia my lab today.My other dog has been very sick as well. Have been giving them chicken jerky a product by Waggen Train Brand. The product is made in China.
    If you dog has gotten sick with this product please let me know. Would like to see this item removed from the market.


  16. My dogs love these chicken jerky treats, they are like doggie crack. Stupid me i never thought to look where they were made.I just happened to check out a k9 cancer website that warned of treats made in china.When i checked the bag i was horrified to find that the treats i thought were so good and healthy were actually made in a place that poisons its babies ,has a record of human and animal rights atrocities,and in my opinion should be banned from selling anything in the u.s.My god when is the insanity and greed in this country goig to end.

  17. My Abby finally became okay after over $2,000 spent after ‘near fatal’ liver failure. She was given Milk Thistle tablets by her vet and I also gave her Milk Thistle with an eye dropper. It is available online from pet supply companies. It saved her life!!! She has had a carefree and a free from ‘Waggin’ Train Tender Chicken Jerky Treats’ life now for the past 10 months and is healthier than ever. I urge each and everyone of you not to give your dogs any treats made in China, particularly this brand, and to inform all of your friends!!!!! These companies are profiting from our dogs’ deaths and sicknesses.

  18. I’ve been reading these posts after going on line to search “parasites in chicken jerky.” Not because there’s been a problem, but because my wife just bought a huge bag of Waggin Train Western Grill treats. Yes, my lab loves them (she’s only had a few), but I don’t think she’ll be getting any more. The bag say it’s a US owned, operated and managed company, but the contents are made in China. The bag is very specific about the quality of the contents. But really now, this is China we’re talking about: a country that has shown very little regard for anyone’s safety. What do they care about safety? We have to buy from China, and they know it. Go to Wal-mart or Sam’s or Costco and try to find something NOT made in China.

  19. I just lost my Shih Tzu Barnie to this treat made in CHINA, because of the toxins, contained in the treat’s. Not all of the treats are bad! But I will not, buy anymore Waggin’ Train treat’s or any products from china-from now on!


  21. My dog passed away this morning due to a Gran Mal Seizure due to toxin levels. DO NOT GIVE THESE TO YOUR PET>>>>>they are from China and contain who knows what.
    Your company sells poison………………………………..
    Waggin Train dog treats will make your pet ill or kill them. I had been feeding them to my dog for a few months (she loves them). I come home one day to find her lethargic at the bottom of the stairs. She could not move or stand up. Thankfully we have a 24 hour vet nearby. She was taken immediately and given a check up and had blood work done. The blood work came back with high spikes in her liver enzymes which the vet said was due to something that she ingested. The only thing that that has been introduced to her diet recently was these treats. I am not saying that every treat or every bag is dangerous but with them coming from China you never know what was added to them in the Chinese facility. My suggestion stay away from them and you will also stay away from a $1000.00 vet bill like I had. After being off the treats for a week she had another round of blood work and her liver enzymes are starting to return to normal. We have 1 more round of blood work in 2 weeks to make sure that her liver has returned to normal. JUST BEWARE. If you have experienced similar problems pass the word around as this company does not care for the well being of our pets. Only getting a cheap product from CHINA

  22. these treats are horrible! I always feed my dog very healthy treats and I noticed while at his grandma’s the other day she bought him these treats. By nighttime he was throwing up and had diarrhea all night. I immediately took him to the vet the next morning and his enzymes are elevated and he has to be on an IV through tomorrow. Why do they keep selling these treats?!?
    I told my mom to throw these away immediately.
    I”m just praying my baby makes it through OK.

  23. I have two dogs. One is 13 and the other is about 9. The 13 year old fell ill about five days ago. It started with throwing up his dog food. Later that night he had horrible poop. It was stinky and blackish. I couldn’t figure out if he ate something in the yard or what. I started feeding him hamburger and rice only and followed him around the yard for two days to make sure he wasn’t eating anything in the yard. Finally after five days of this he seems to be feeling better. Today my 9 year old dog is sick with the same symptoms. I swear the only thing it could be is the chicken treats. That is the only thing they eat besides their food! I have fed them these before with no problems but ever since I bought this new bag from Sam’s Club something isn’t right with them. I threw them in the trash and will NEVER give them anything like that again. I hope they are okay after all this. This has made me sick with worry!!

  24. Some say these treats are safe. Some say they’re not. We’ve fed our dog (weighing about 35 lbs and being about 6 years of age) these Waggin Train treats for, I guess 3 or 4 years now with no ill effects. Which is not to say it couldn’t happen or to infer that you folks are in error when you think that your dogs have been harmed by this treat. While it would be natural to blame these Chinese treats when your dog gets sick, especially when some treats have been recalled and you read all the comments saying that these jerky treats are what caused the commenter’s dog to become sick and in some cases, die, I would like to read a detailed report showing the facts that this is what caused the illness or the death of these pets or if it were something else. In other words, I’d truly like to see some proof and not go on guesswork which is a great part of these comments. You may very well be correct in assuming this, but is it possible that it could be something else that caused it? I’m not doubting either side at this moment, I’d just like to know for sure. If you don’t feel safe in feeding these treats, by all means, don’t. I’m leaning toward stopping the use of them for my dog because she is very dear to me. But it would be good to know for sure. And it might help someone later on to know what to look for if it happened to be something other than the treats that caused these problems. Remember the old mob mentality back in the days when someone would be hanged for stealing a horse. Someone would accuse somebody of stealing their horse and the whole town would chase him down and hang him. Sometimes the one who was hanged actually didn’t steal the horse, but of course you can’t undo a hanging afterwards. I know how it is to lose a pet. The bad thing about having a good dog or cat, or any other living thing that you make a pet out of, is that someday, they are going to be taken away from us by death. I’ve lost several and it “AIN’T” easy. And you can never forget them. You, eventually, adjust to being without them, but it’s almost as hard as losing a close relative or friend. Actually, pets are your best friends, make no mistake about that. If you believe in God, and Heaven is the place it’s made out to be, we’ll see a great number of friends and relatives. I hope Heaven is a perfect place, and my room turns out to be full of friends and relatives and dogs and cats that I have lost. I could sure enjoy those little critters for all eternity. And, yes, there’s a tear in my eye, just thinking about them.

  25. I have bought these “chicky chews” from Sam’s Club for 3 years. I remember a time when I had to buy a bag from WalMart and I ended up throwing the entire contents away because my ferret snubbed it. I believe that she knew there was something odd and/or different about it. Any product for human or animal whether consumed or topical can be contaminated in transit just as easily as at the factory. Through a couple WalMart purchases, I found that the product had several different US addresses printed on the bag. My ferret would not touch any from Nevada. South Carolina and I’m sure there was another seemed to be the “good” ones…I think that batch #’s as well as the numerous facilities make these health matters isolated.
    I appreciate that this site is available and astounded that there are blogs from 2007 left here. My heart goes out to all that have lost and have had to nurse back to health their beloved pets and companions.
    I bought 2 huge bags of the chicken jerky from Sam’s back in January and as of a week ago I had others look into this “healthy” alternative treat for their ferrets. The fact that these chicky chews had no added “fillers” attracted me to the product. My ferret has not shown any signs or symptoms, BUT I would be willing to stand behind testing and verified testimony from groups that have evidence that their animal has been harmed by this company’s product due to it’s ingredients, packaging, unsanitary facility and negligence.
    Someone needs to be accountable for this IF this is a result of importing products from China.

  26. I have been feeding this crap to my dogs for almost a month. They love them. I bought all at WAL MART. After reading the above…NO MORE. I will never feed anything from Waggin’ Train again.

  27. OK… so I’ve read every blog here. First of all, I am not an employee of Waggin’ Train, but I have first hand knowledge of the process this company goes through in the manufacturing of their Chicken Jerky Tenders.

    The facility in China is managed by US employees. That is correct. AMERICANS who are working in China. The product is also manufactured on equipment that is used to process treats, unlike other companies who will manufacture cabinets one day and food the next. The product is inspected before it leaves China, and once again when it arrives into the United States.

    Waggin Train also states on packaging that the treats are not meant to replace regular food, and is intended as a TREAT only. Think about that. If you feed your dog chicken all day, every day, that is 100% protein and nothing else. Of course liver enzymes are going to spike. It would in humans, too.

    Additionally, Waggin Train products have NEVER, never been recalled by the FDA. even after multiple tests!

    This is a good company, with good treats.

  28. Jennifer, your assurances do LITTLE Good when my dog was at the brink of death! I removed these treats and thankfully he is recovering.
    I could only wish it happens to your labs so you stop spouting that corporate cr@p. Look around the net and see how many folks’ pets are getting sick and dying from these. I can only hope you know that pain soon and shut that piehole. You’re part of the problem.

  29. Ok, this is enough for me to STOP feeding them to my dogs despite them loving them. I had no idea they came from China until my husband told me and that they had been recalled, as he heard through the media.
    Something does need to be done to pull all these products ‘made in china’ and make the public aware of what they are purchasing.
    My dogs from time to time would get a bloody stool and never before linked it to this treats.
    Nicely put mike!! 🙂

  30. Our 40# standard poodle also loves chicken jerky treats – and she won’t generally eat any other kind of treat – but she eats her chicken & rice kibble twice a day and only gets 1 or 2 of these treats day. We haven’t noticed any problems – but I’m going to ask the vet about it tomorrow when she goes for her regular check up. Obviously we don’t want to be giving her something that’s going to hurt her, but she needs to “chew” on something, and these are about all she’ll even look at…

  31. I’m so glad I read through all these comments. I’ve been giving these to my dog because after reading the ingredients list, I thought they sounded good. Well, this morning my dog began drinking more water than normal, and the only thing I can think of is that it’s these treats.

    Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this forum. I really appreciate the honesty.

    On a side note, I’m not surprised that ‘Jennifer’ from ‘Marketing’ commented. I’m sure pretty packaging will only go so far!


  32. Both my Siberians, age 6 and 2, have been eating Waggin Train chicken jerky treats and now both of them have kidney problems, ie., leaking urine.

    I subscribe to the FDA recall email alerts and have heard nothing from them about any problems with this product. We cleared out our cabinets and threw every dog treat made in China in the garbage, where it belongs.

  33. I have been using the jerky treats for about 4 months with no problems, but I am done… Somebody that had problems needs to file a massive class action lawsuit NOW!!!

    Send Waggin Train back to the stone age, or preferably into non existence!!!

  34. I have been giving my bichon the chicken-yam treats from Waggin Train for the last 3 months and she loved them. All of a sudden I couldn’t find them in any stores so I checked the internet and behold I got the low down about the dog deaths. I just bought other treats from them and guess where they are? In the trash!!!!!

  35. I am totally blown away by the lack of concern for animas by Waggin Tails. I lost my little precious chihuaua to cancer last August. I am fully convinced it was because of the lousy dog food he was eating. So now i am very particular as to what goes in my pet’s mouths. I had just bought two knew bags of Waggin Train Treats for my babies. I am taking them back to Wal-Mart TODAY and asking for my money back!!!!! Screw them. I am not losing another pet because of products that are tainted with chemicals!! I’ll cook for my babies just like I did for my children. All of China is going to HELL in a hand basket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The saga with Waggin Train continues. Our friends dog died last weeks due to being fed the duck jerky from this company.

    I had purchased Waggin Train Chicken and Biscuits as a once in a while treat for our Labradoodle. I did give her a couple but once I noticed in tiny tiny print that they were made in China I stoppped feeding them to her and took them straight back to Costco . I got my money back and let them know in writing what a bad reputation this company has.

  37. I just worked a craft show over Thanksgiving weekend. I had flyers about the recent 2011 FDA warning about Chinese chicken treats and was giving them out and educating anyone I could stop who answered “yes” to the question, “do you have a dog or cat?”

    A groomer I spoke with that weekend told me that she had a client whose dog just passed away from Chinese chicken. My dogs are my children, truly. I can only imagine how devastating that was for that family…

    If you’re looking for a REAL ‘American Made’ chicken treat, we started making our own Chicken Jerky after we ran across the FDA warning of 2008 about Chinese chicken treats making dogs sick or killing them. It turned into a cottage business and we now sell our TriPom Chews online and in 20 stores in the New England area. Our products are the only ‘Maine Made’, ‘American Made’, chicken jerky produced from whole, restaurant-quality chicken breasts containing NO Additives and NO Preservatives. We had to make them super wholesome as our 3 Pomeranians (our babies) taste test every batch for quality.

  38. January 12,2013 at 11:05pm We feel so bad our boston terrier has been sick since around christmas with vomitting, diarrhea off and on since then. We took her to the vet they just figure she had a virus gave her fluids, put her on an antibotic, and something for nausea. It help her feel better but sometimes she would still vomit and i would give nausea medicine. We didn’t know that this problem was even going on until tonight, when i went to Sam’s Club to buy more cause we just ran out this past Friday. Then i went to Walmart to pick up some stuff and went over to the pets supplies the shelves were empty of waggin train and milo’s product, which there was a note that didn’t say that these products had been recalled it just said that they didn’t have anymore right now and that when the got more they would restock. There were other treats on the shelves so i randomly pick up other treats there. Which what i picked up were Hartz Oinkies pig skin treats, i gave her one, she ate some of the middle out of it and about 10 minutes she was throwing it back up. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it but this product is made from China too so i am not going to give her anymore of that either. I am going to call the vet Monday to see what they think and maybe see if she needs to be tested for anything.

  39. the very frist time I gave my dog magan chichen jerky she got very sick she was only 9mos old.After many vet.bills and 1yr. of checking everthing even the water we came to the chicken jerky.I just thouth it was magan could not eat them.Not the case,now I see why she was so sick.I hope No other owners had to go thouth what magan had too.

  40. I have been feeding my dog these jerky chicken treats for a few years and two weeks ago she started to bleed from the rectum when she had a bowel movement ay the same time she is passing what looks like blood clots but the vet said it was like mucus he is running more tests, does any of this sound familiar to anyone.I would appreciate a reply from you.
    thank you

  41. I removed your phone # from the previous comment because it’s not secure to leave that info. in a public forum. It would be better to leave an email address written this way: “info at petprojectblog dot com”

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