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  1. They do need ’em sometimes! Our Guinea pigs had a skin disease that required them to have regular baths and take medication. In addition, we made them little sweaters using old socks to keep them from scratching themselves. We cut out the toes and added little arm holes and they worked quite well. However, they were nowhere near as fashionable as these adorable sweaters.

  2. Aww!! These are sooooo cute!! I recently started knitting (aka yesterday) and am getting the hang of the knitting stitches and stuff, so I was thinking, why not make a sweater for my guinea piggy, Lily? I was just joking around, but my brother said it was a good idea, so I went online and found out how cute they are…
    I feel like I am writing a story here…but i didnt know there were pstterns i could use!!

  3. hi there would it be possible for you to send me a pattern for a guinea pig jump suit and a bow tie and jumper kind regards wendy wollaston

  4. Could u send me any clothes I could knit for my granddaughters guinea pigs please. Anything would be appreciated as she has 6 of them. Thank u.

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