Determined Pup Protects Injured Mom In NYC

This story is an amazing example of the bond between animals and thankfully has a happy ending.  When Chile, the yellow lab mix, was hit on the Deegan Expressway, her son, Husky, came to her rescue.  He fended off traffic keeping her from being struck again.  When police and animal control arrived, Husky held his ground and made sure no one messed with his mom.  After several attempts, Chile was loaded into a vehicle.  Police then herded Husky down an off-ramp and he was eventually reunited with his owner.  Chile is being treated for a broken leg and is expected to be fine.

It’s certainly reminiscent of that remarkable dog that tried to rescue an injured dog on a Chilean freeway by dragging it to the shoulder.

3 Replies to “Determined Pup Protects Injured Mom In NYC”

  1. I have to say I am thrilled the dogs are okay, but want to ask…WHY WERE THEY RUNNING THE FREEWAY TO BEGIN WITH

  2. I hit submit before I finished…oops, lol. They should not have been given back to the owners if they don’t love them enough to keep them home safely, they don’t deserve to have them! Sorry, just my opinion! But a great Hooray! for the officers who took the time and effort it took to bring the dogs out of harms way into safety! Thanks!

  3. While I know that accidents happen and dogs get loose from even careful owners, I just don’t understand dogs without collars and tags.

    Please make sure your dogs have collars, tags, and if you can afford it, microchips. If your dogs get loose, chances are you won’t find them by seeing them on the morning news.

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