DIY: Woven Dog Coat

WovenCoatjpgRuth Morrison, a weaver from Tulsa, shared this pattern on Interweave Press a few years ago.  It’s originally from the Sept/Oct  2006 issue of Handwoven magazine.  If you’re a weaver, check out the very thorough instructions for weaving and sewing a cute coat for your dog. The weave is called Bedford Cord—it’s ribbed which makes air pockets that help insulate your pup.

If you don’t weave, but like the fit of the coat, there is a pattern and instructions on how to sew the coat itself.  Nifty!

6 Replies to “DIY: Woven Dog Coat”

  1. wicked pattern im getting a cocker spaniel on xmas eve she be 8 weeks old what size coat would i need thankyou i made one but its to big can you help me make it smaller
    thankyou debbie

  2. I could cry before I Starr. My smFry is a Whippet who trys on material for jackets. I couldn’t fit her alone and she’s strengthened up her ability to endure cold. The shape and picture of the greyhound for this pattern are so pleasing for my family!
    Thank you.

  3. I am NOT tech savvy. I don’t see how to get this pattern via download. Is it available? If so, what do I do to access it?

  4. The download link for instructions is the underlined section of text below the photo of dog wearing the coat – “very thorough instructions for weaving and sewing a cute coat for your dog”. Hope that works for you!

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