October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month

Adopt-A-Dog Month is a great time to consider adopting a shelter dog.  There are dogs of all shapes, sizes, and energy levels waiting to be rescued.  You can even adopt a pure breed dog, but mixed breed dogs are just as wonderful.

Make sure you’re ready to adopt and adopt a dog suited to your lifestyle.  All dogs need attention and training.  Here’s a good list of things to consider before adopting a dog.

The ASPCA has great tips on preparing for a new dog.

And don’t automatically go for the puppies.  Here are 17 excellent reasons to adopt an adult dog. I love puppies–who doesn’t–but, I’m so glad we adopted an adult dog.  Our dog Saffron was just as fun as a puppy, without all the extra chaos and destruction.

Maybe this is the month you save a life and enrich your own!

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