4 Replies to “Friday Fun: Puppy Has Fallen & He Can’t Get Up”

  1. Honestly that is kind of mean he looked stressed out the owner should have helped him instead of taping it for you tube!

  2. At first I thought the same thing too, but it occurred to me that he really needs to be able to turn himself back over and I think that’s what they were doing–trying to get him to learn how to turn over or get strong enough to turn over. I watched more of their videos and I think they care about their dogs.

  3. shouldn’t we really be concerned with the negligence of the puppy’s mother, who is passed out not 3 feet away from her struggling young? 😉

    i think we all just have a natural impulse to want to help out when we see someone try to do something over and over again.

  4. There are 4 type of people:
    Folks that:
    1) will help the puppy up and take him for a walk.
    2) will watch him, laugh, then move on to the next “thing”.
    3) will bet whether the puppy will get up, die, and how long.
    4) wonder why other folks spend so much time watching videos. 🙂

    Is there one perfect question you could ask someone. Maybe that question would tell ya 80% of something about a person, and depending on the answer, you’d be willing to spend your time to find out the other 20%. This picture/video reminds me of a question.

    There are two items. One is 30 yards east (1/4 of a football field), and one is 30 yards west of you. The east item is a bag that contains $100 million (it use to be a million but that ain’t enough these days). The west item is a puppy. A fire starts at each end and you could run and either save the money or the puppy. Which would you save?

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