Help Japan! Click Helps Dogs Rescue Quake Victims

Super cool news from SXSW! Charlie Annenberg Weingarten, the Director of the Annenberg Foundation & founder of has issued a challenge.  If Dog Bless You gets 100,000 fans on Facebook, will donate $100,000 to National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.  If Dog Bless You hits 100,000 fans by 2:00am EST Sunday March 13 (that’s tonight!) will double the donation to $200,000.  Six Canine Disaster Search Teams will arrive in Japan in about 3 hrs as part of a larger team.

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  1. yay! Dog Bless You far exceeded their goal of 100,000 facebook fans and are sending their dogs to Japan. They say they will update their page with the status of the dogs in the coming weeks.

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