Podcast Episode 101 – Me

Woohoo!  Here’s the first Pet Project Podcast!!  The first ones give you a chance to get to know me.  In the future we’ll have interviews, discussions, advice, and anything that strikes my interest.

You can listen to it here and it will be up on iTunes later next week.  We also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to if you use an RSS reader.

In Episode 101 – Me you will:

Get to know Sarah and how she started Pet Project Blog.  Sarah talks about her early life with animals – – cats, rabbits, horny toads – – and about desperately wanting a dog.

Click below to play.

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4 Replies to “Podcast Episode 101 – Me”

  1. Loved this…a mental trip to the midlands!! And some great fun quotes! Good stuff, Ms. S.

  2. educational! i totally didn’t realize a horny toad wasn’t actually a toad but was one of those lizard things that can squirt blood out of its eyes. 😉

    i love how you talk about the responsibility we have to our pets. i have never understood the too-prevalent idea that pets are objects that can be set aside when they aren’t convenient, or abandoned during a move or divorce.

  3. Thank you, Sarah! A beautiful podcast. Among many things, it was helpful for me to hear you talk about pet guilt. Entering the world of pets is tough when one is young and not well-educated about pet ownership, as I was when I first had my own cats as a college student. The guilt lingers on, but there is some comfort knowing I have learned much and am doing things better this time around.

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