Podcast Episode 111: Rethinking The Easter Rabbit

Rabbits and children aren’t usually a good combination, but bunnies can be great house pets for families with teens or for adults.  Episode 111: Rethinking The Easter Rabbit covers reasons to rethink getting rabbits for children this Easter, plus suggestions & resources for having a happy house rabbit if you have the right type of household for these sensitive animals.

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Check out these topics mentioned in the podcast:

We Like! Catswall Design

Though their products are still only available in Taiwan, I am seriously lemming for almost everything from Catswall Design.  Hurry up and come to more markets!! The people behind Catswall started the company after they adopted their first stray cat and then 12 more.  (via Margaret & Modern Cat)  Be sure to check out the post on how to make your own DIY version!


I LOVE the idea of the Modular Cat Climbing Wall where you can rearrange things and add or subtract elements.  I mentioned in the podcast on environment enrichment for cats how kitties seem fascinated when something familiar gets moved or rearranged.  Being able to change up this cat wall would keep it forever interesting.  Awesome!


The Cat Scratching Board is brilliant!  Cats can prefer different surfaces for scratching—fabric, cardboard, sisal, carpet, and wood.  The can also prefer different orientations—angled, upright, or horizontal.  The best way to keep them from scratching inappropriate things is to provide options they like.  Wood cat scratchers are much harder to find, so this is great.  It also looks wide & long enough to really make a cat happy and you can have it at an angle, flat, or upright.


The Catwheel looks like so much fun for the right cat.  You may have seen the video of the cat wheel someone made for their bengal kitties?  This one from Catswall is pretty nice looking!  I know a certain rotund cat of ours who could definitely benefit from a catwheel, if we could keep him from just lying down on it.

Podcast Episode 101 – Me

Woohoo!  Here’s the first Pet Project Podcast!!  The first ones give you a chance to get to know me.  In the future we’ll have interviews, discussions, advice, and anything that strikes my interest.

You can listen to it here and it will be up on iTunes later next week.  We also have an RSS feed you can subscribe to if you use an RSS reader.

In Episode 101 – Me you will:

Get to know Sarah and how she started Pet Project Blog.  Sarah talks about her early life with animals – – cats, rabbits, horny toads – – and about desperately wanting a dog.

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