Kayaker Rescues Dog in Gulf Of Mexico

I saw this incredible video this morning.  A kayaker was out fishing when, what looks like a Visla, comes frantically swimming towards him from who-knows-where.  Happily, the kayaker rescues the injured & terrified dog.  The dog was taken to a vet and identified by it’s microchip as Barney, but no one knew how the dog had ended up in the ocean.

In a heartbreaking turn, the kayaker made the connection after seeing a story about Donna Chen who was out walking her dog about 1 mile inland and was run down & killed by a drunk driver, Blake Talman, in a hit-and-run.  It’s believed Barney ran off in a panic and jumped in to the ocean to escape.  How lucky that this kayaker was at the right place at the right time so the family didn’t have to suffer another loss.

5 Replies to “Kayaker Rescues Dog in Gulf Of Mexico”

  1. What a tragic story! At least there is a positive aspect with the saving of the poor-but-lucky dog. Brings up even more questions on how and why these things happen–don’t mean to get all spiritual on you–but who would have thought…

  2. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing this video. I’m so glad Barney was rescused by the kind fisherman, and hope by now he is safely home with his family.

  3. The dog didn’t seem to care one bit for his master, eh? The poor man is horribly injured and the dog just takes off. So much for the loyalty of dogs.

  4. Hey anon… you jackass !! the poor thing had just seen it owner killed ! What does an animal do when it’s terrified ?? It panics and runs…Moron!!

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