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(Update 9/25/09: You can read my recent interview with Maj. Dennis about Nubs here!)

The story of Nubs and Marine Maj. Brian Dennis started in Al Anbar Province on the Iraq/Syria border when Dennis befriended the distinctive dog who’d had his ears cut off by someone to make him tough.   Not to long ago I heard from Major Brian Dennis again.  What a nice surprise!  He’s back in Iraq for another tour and he offered to answer some questions.  So I asked. A. Lot. Of. Questions.  Maj. Dennis was super nice and found the time to answer all those questions.  I’ll be posting the interview soon and give you the news on Nubs and on Maj. Dennis.

In 2007, Maj. Dennis and his squadron befriended Nubs for about 4 months.  At one point Nubs showed up injured with what turned out to be a stab wound from a screwdriver.  Dennis nursed the dog back to health, but then the squadron was informed they were moving.  Two days later and 70 miles away, Nubs arrived at their new location having tracked them across the dessert while wounded in 18 F weather.

After reading about Nubs’ life in Iraq and his amazing trek, I emailed Maj. Dennis to thank him for looking after Nubs and on the off-chance he might answer a few questions.  And he was kind enough to write back and answer a few questions even though he was getting tons of attention from the big media outlets.

Maj. Dennis arranged to have Nubs flown to the US and to stay with friends until he was back in the US and could care for Nubs himself.

In March of last year, Maj. Dennis returned to the US and to Nubs. He was even on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

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  1. This is such a great thing you have done Brian. I love dogs and cats and animals. My son to has been two tours in Iraq only he is in the Navy a Hospital Corpman. Can’t quite understand how people can be so mean to animals. But the love between the two of you is very real. My prayers are with you. Thank you so very much for what you do each and every day. God Bless You

  2. Hello,
    My name is Kim Conklin and I work for the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. In February we hold a wonderful event called Petstacular Pet Fair. I came across the story of Nubs and Major Dennis in the recent editon of People magazine. We would very much like to have both him and Nubs participate in the event. I see you have posted Major Dennis’ email, but is that current? If not do you have his current contact information? Please feel free to call me at 702-507-3527 if you have any questions. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Hi Kim—Here are current email addresses for Maj. Dennis. brian(dot)dennis(at)usmc(dot)mil
    I have found him to be an incredibly nice guy. Good luck on the Pet Fair!

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