Sad News, Bella The Dog Died

Remember Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee?  Sadly, it appears, Bella was killed—most likely by coyotes.  Staff pretty quickly realized Tarra must have carried Bella back from where she’d been killed because there was no sign of a struggle where Bella was found and there was blood on Tarra’s trunk.  An amazing friendship.  Don’t you wonder what stories they told each other over the years?

Find out more about Tarra and Bella’s friendship and the important work carried on at the Elephant Sanctuary.

Tribute to Bella


Tarra & Bella playing in the snow.

8 Replies to “Sad News, Bella The Dog Died”

  1. So Sad!!! Bella rest in peace….what will Bella do now?? She must be heartbroken!! My heart aches……….

  2. I was sad to hear this news, however it was inevitable as the lifespan difference between the two species would have caused separation sooner rather than later. Tragic that Bella died at the hands of coyotes. I guess Tara could do little other than protect the body, since the rest would have been too fast for her. In a way, this death may be easier for her to handle. She SAW what happened and understands why Bella is gone. Elephants have great memories. Bella is still alive and well within Taras heart.. Now, I cry.

  3. I recently found the original video of Bella and Tara on a website and favorited it to show my wife. I went to show it to her today and she had just heard on our local news that a dog who was best friends with an elephant had been killed. Very sad news indeed finding out it was the same pair. Rip Bella. The original video was very sweet and was much nicer to watch then today’s news on crime and violence.


  4. I just recently learned of Bella’s passing on the CBS Evening News and it did bring a few tears to my eyes as to see these two play and the unconditional love they shared between one another was very heartwarming and almost gave one hope for Humanity!

    I agree with Rob it was so wonderful to watch the original story of their friendship and they came to love one another and were so very close and far more enjoyable than whats in the news that is reported!

    God Bless Bella and May he comfort Tara in her loss!

    Larry ~

  5. I just watched the tribute to Bella and I feel Tara’s pain. Bella was such a beautiful creature what a beautiful and wonderful dog. Being a dog lover myself I know the pain of loosing your best friend and Dogs love so unconditionally obviously when you know of the love and friendship story of Bella & Tara. God Bless them both and Animal Sanctuary and the work being done there.

  6. My mom told me the story about this Amazing friendship between Tarra and Bella I saw the videos and it was Amazing how they loved each other unconditionally, I have been crying off and on for 2 days imaging Bella being killed and Tarra’s sadness! I am am animal lover and this just breaks my heart so much may she rest in peace what a wonderful story yet a sad end

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