We Like: Proper Play In Dogs Video

Check out this fascinating video analyzing what makes up a good play exchange between two dogs.  One of the things my parents are encountering with their new pups, Bart & Sadie, is knowing what is healthy play and what isn’t.  It’s not always easy to tell, but in this video, Cristine Dahl, shows us what is going on in this play exchange between Truman (9 mos old) & Puff (7 yrs old).

Cristine is an incredible dog trainer, educator, and dog behavior expert.  She was a great help with transforming Saffron into a well adjusted dog.  Cristine wrote a wonderful book Good Dog 101 that is really well written, accessible, and useful—a lot of dog trainers are not good writers, but Cristine is great!  She graduated from the Academy for Dog Trainers at San Francisco SPCA where Jean Donaldson, author of Culture Clash, taught and opened her own dog training studio, Seattle Dogworks.  Cristine then went on to found her own school for dog trainers, Seattle School of Canine Studies.  And yes, this is a total plug for her, because she really is outstanding, and I don’t recommend anything or anyone lightly!


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