We Like: Roger Abrantes’ 16 Things To STOP Doing To Be Happy With Your Dog

16 Things You Should Stop Doing In Order To Be Happy With Your Dog. (via Dogwise)  What a great approach to improving your relationship with your dog!  Instead of starting something new, stop doing things that don’t help.  Roger Abrantes is well respected in the world of animal behavior, especially canine behavior.  And he should be—he has a degree in Philosphy (yea!) and PhD in Evolutionary Biology & Ethology.  Abrantes also teaches, publishes, and advises on animal behavior in a number of capacities.

I really like all of Abrantes’ 16 suggestions, but these are my favorites:

2. Stop being too serious—have a laugh

If you don’t have a good sense of humor, don’t live with a dog. Dog ownership gives rise to many mishaps where laughter is the best way out…

5. Stop believing in old wives’ tales—be critical

The world is full of irrational, unfounded old wives’ tales. These days, the Internet provides us with quick and easy access to a lot of valuable information—and a lot of junk as well: bad arguments, bad definitions, unsubstantiated claims, fallacies, emotional statements, pseudo-science, sales promotions, hidden political agendas, religious preaching, etc….

10. Stop feeling bad—act now

If you’re unhappy with any particular aspect of your life with your dog, do something to change it. Identify the problem, set a goal, make a plan and implement it. Feeling bad and guilty doesn’t help anyone—it doesn’t help you, your dog, or the cherished ones you share your life with.

12. Stop dependency—untie your self

…Have a life of your own and give your dog some space. You and your dog are two independent individuals. Enjoy living together as free agents, not being addicted each other. Stop projecting yourself onto your dog.

15. Stop wanting what you can’t have—be happy with what you’ve got

…It’s amazing how dog owners say they love their dogs and yet they spend most of the time trying to change their behavior. Focus on what you do have, not on what you don’t, appreciate it and be grateful for it.

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