Canine Cancer Campaign


Morris Animal Foundation (previously mentioned here as one of my favorite charities) has launched the Canine Cancer Campaign. They are raising $30 million in the next five years to fund a global effort to find a cure for canine cancer in the next ten to twenty years. The research will also look at genetic, nutritional, and environmental risk in order to prevent canine cancer from occurring in the first place.

Why should you care about canine cancer? Because it is the most common cause of death in dogs over the age of two years. One in four dogs will die of cancer. Advances in treating canine cancer means advances in treating human cancer, especially pediatric cancer, and vice versa. And while all dogs are at risk, these dogs are at even higher risk of having cancer. (see chart below)


Check out this video on what this canine cancer campaign will mean for dogs and people.

You can find information on the clinical signs of canine cancer here. (pdf)

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