Students Make Robotic Ball Thrower For Disabled Student


Konrad Feldmann got Bingo, his canine companion from Canine Companions For Independence, six months ago. But due to his limited mobility, Konrad can’t throw a ball for Bingo and return the favor for all the work Bingo does for him like turning on lights and opening drawers.

Students from the East Robotics Team 1038 from East Lakota High School and students from West Lakota High School solved the problem and at the same time helped empower Konrad. The students modified a “fetch machine”—GoDogGo—so Konrad can use the robot to throw a ball by applying just a little pressure to a new, sensitive switch.

The Dayton Journal-News has a great video of Konrad playing with Bingo, and of the kids who worked on the machine.

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