DIY Cat & Dog Toy Round-Up

Yikes, it’s December! I have to get crackin’ on making some presents.  To get you started on gifts for people with pets, here’s a round-up of previous posts on DIY toys for cats & dogs.  They range from crazy-easy to not-too-taxing on the difficulty meter.  Try them out!  You’ll have thoughtful, unique gifts for all the furred ones you know.



3 No-Sew Dog Toys

2 No-Sew Cat Toys

2 Braided Dog Toys

Slingshot Ball for Dogs


Some Sewing (some can be done with just needle & thread):

Felt Sushi Cat Toys

3 Easy to Sew Cat Toys

2 Squeaky Dog Toys

Felt Mouse, Bird, Fish Toys for Cats 

Foxtail Dog Toy

Fortune Cookie Cat Toy

Pretty Birdie Cat Toy



3 Knitted & Felted Dog Toys

Knitted & Felted Mouse Cat Toy 

Scientist Finds Evidence Of Oldest Domesticated Dog In Americas

What’s interesting is not just that a scientist found an ancient bone fragment, it’s where he found it. The 9,400 year old fragment was found in a “human paleofecal sample”—really, really old poop.  Which means this dog was someone’s supper.  The dog was probably 25-30 lbs. and is closely related to a Peruvian species of dog.  According to studies, dogs were eaten in times of famine and at celebrations.  It’s unknown if the bone fragment came from a dog raised to be food or if it was a companion/working dog.