Boy Cat or Girl Cat

A fun photo quiz—Boy Cat or Girl Cat? If you know something about feline genetics, you can make some educated guesses–tortoiseshells are usually female.

Homeless Thai Woman with Puppy

Homeless in Bangkok : A homeless woman sleeps alongside her puppy on the pavement of a shop in early morning hours in downtown Bangkok. (AFP/Saeed Khan) What I find so compelling about this photo by Saeed Khan, is the image of this vulnerable human sheltering this very vulnerable puppy. Compassion expressed by someone herself in… Continue Reading

Dogs and Downtown L.A.’s Gentrification

I found this interesting article on the positive effect dogs are having on downtown L.A. What was once a mainly commercial zone is now becoming a residential neighborhood with dogs and their people leading the way. The presence of people and their dogs is creating a community, helping the police fight crime, and leading to… Continue Reading

House Rabbit Society

The House Rabbit Society’s site is an amazingly thorough resource for taking care of your rabbit. They cover everything from litterbox training to toys good for stimulating play to rabbit proofing your home. There is an informative article on what it’s like to live with a rabbit–it’s definitely not for everyone. There’s also a good… Continue Reading

Deaf, Blind & Shy Dog Apparel

Collar covers, bandanas, and coats for dogs with special needs like deafness, blindness, both, or shyness. What a great idea! Now when you’re out in public, people can clearly see that your dog has an issue and approach appropriately. It also creates an opportunity to educate others about dogs with special needs—how to approach them,… Continue Reading