Rabbit Hopping

Rabbit hopping, also called rabbit show jumping, just makes me smile. Rabbit hopping is a competition of rabbits hopping over jumps for height or hopping for length, much like horse show jumping. It started in Sweden, and is now popular in several countries, and is growing in popularity in the US. 4H clubs are adding… Continue Reading

Video Of How To Trim Your Cat’s Claws

So how to do it? My first advice is don’t be scared—be confident. The cat will sense it and be more likely to be calm. And you’ll be less likely to jerk if the cat squirms, and therefore less likely to startle the cat. My second suggestion is get a helper. What works for us,… Continue Reading

Friday Is “Take Your Dog To Work Day”

Saffron doing her favorite kind of work—running! Tomorrow is Take Your Dog to Work Day. The annual event was started in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to bring attention to the value of dogs in people’s lives and provide an opportunity to focus on the need for pet adopting. The event falls on the Thursday… Continue Reading

We Like: The Buster Cube

When we first adopted Saffron, she wasn’t good about eating her food. She just wasn’t very interested. I thought that since she’d been a stray on the Yakima Indian Reservation, she’d be a chow-hound, but no. So, it was hard to get her on a schedule for needing to go outside to go potty. And… Continue Reading