We Like: Cat Ladders!

Cat Ladders is one of my most favorite internet finds.  (Formally known as Katt-Trappa.) It’s a blog of cat ladders from around the world and combines a bunch of things I love into one big batch of niftiness.  It’s got cats, DIY projects, a window into the seemingly mundane daily life of people & their cats… Continue Reading

Dog Poop In The Air?

Man, Detroit can’t catch a break.  Most of the headlines for this story read something like, “Dog Poop in Detroit Air!”  It’s true, but it may not be unique.  A study of winter air samples collected from Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, & Mayville, WI found fecal bacteria in Cleveland and Detroit. The most likely source being dog poop…. Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana Patch For Pets

A Seattle company, Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems has developed a transdermal marijuana patch called Tetracan for dogs, cats, & horses.  This could be great news for pain management in animals, especially cats since many pain medications are toxic to felines. Unfortunately veterinarians may have difficulty prescribing the patch in the U.S. when it becomes available. … Continue Reading