Pet Food Recall: Iams Renal Diet Cat Food & Mice Direct Frozen Reptile Food

Iams is recalling their Veterinary Prescription Renal Diet Cat food due to salmonella contamination. FDA testing came up positive for salmonella in two lots. For information or a product refund call P&G toll-free at 877-894-4458 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST).  These are the effected lots (lot codes are on the lower right corner on the back of the bag):

  • Iams Veterinary Formulas Feline Renal 5.5lbs, Lot Code 01384174B4, UPC Code 0 19014 21405 1
  • Iams Veterinary Formulas Feline Renal 5.5lbs, Lot Code 01384174B2, UPC Code 0 19014 21405 1

Mice Direct is recalling frozen mice, rats, and chicken due to possible salmonella contamination. According to the FDA, Human illnesses that may be related to the frozen reptile feed have been reported in 17 states. The recalled product should not be fed to animals, even after heating in a microwave oven, since the heating may not be adequate to kill Salmonella. The recall is based upon sampling by the FDA of frozen mice. The company continues their investigation.

The frozen reptile feed was distributed in all states, except Hawaii, through pet stores and by mail order and direct delivery.

Frozen reptile feed was shipped in plastic bags with the following product codes:

  • M-SP100, M-P100, M-PF100, M-F100, M-H100, M-W50, M-A50, M-JA25
  • R-P100, R-F50, R-PUP50, R-W50, R-S50, R-M20, R-L10,R-J5, R-C5, R-M3 followed by E9, F9, G9, H9, I9, J9, K9, L9 or A10, B10, C10, D10, E10, F10, G10
  • whole frozen chicks in 25 count bags.

What you need to know about Salmonella

Salmonella can cause serious illness in cats and dogs and there can be cross-contamination to humans causing serious illness in humans.

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