DIY: 6 Dog Coats & Sweaters Round-Up

cardigancoat copy

Last week’s post on the DIY Dog Rain Coat got me to thinking about all the other DIY dog coats & sweaters I’ve written about.  Here are a bunch of tutorials on how to make your dog her own coat—everything from upcycling to sewing to knitting to even weaving. Cardigan Coat     Dog Raincoat… Continue Reading

Earth Day Archive

Happy Earth Day!  Check out these previous posts for ideas on things you can do to make your pets more earth-friendly. A big round-up of DIY projects—beds from suitcases, doggy rain coats from people rain coats, doggy sweaters from socks.  Sweet! Ways to limit your pets’ environmental impact. The 30 Day Green Cat Challenge from… Continue Reading

DIY: Bed Crocheted From Sweaters Strips


Before you get rid those out-of-style sweaters you’ve been holding onto, consider making them into a snuggly bed for your pet.  One way is to make a pet bed by crocheting strips of old sweaters. Pick colors that look good together—that awful 1980’s mustard yellow should probably be avoided.  Visit a thrift store if you’re short on old… Continue Reading

DIY: Cardigan Dog Coat

cardigancoat copy

After a little stutter of snow yesterday, it’s actually snowing with some conviction here in our corner of the Pacific NW.  So here’s a clever project that recycles an old, wool women’s cardigan into a cute coat for a smallish dog. A large men’s sweater would work for at least a mid-sized dog.  Make sure… Continue Reading

DIY: Cardboard Catnip Castle For Your Wall


I think this happens every Fall.  The days start getting shorter and somehow my I’ve-Got-To-Make-Something! button gets pushed.  Here’s the first DIY post in a long time—how to make a cardboard cat “tower” that hangs on your wall. This is a great idea, since it doesn’t take up floor space, doubles as a cat scratcher,… Continue Reading