Black Cats

I think everyone has heard about how black cats are in danger of being hurt around Halloween, whether by “satanic” cults or by cruel kids. Animal Shelters routinely ban adoption of black cats around Halloween. It turns out the concern that black cats will be harmed is probably misplaced. Some shelters are beginning to question the ban. Sadly, the real threat black cats (and dogs) face all year long is being euthanized in shelters just like the ones trying to protect them around Halloween. If they aren’t destroyed, black cats tend to stay the longest in shelters while their more brightly colored companions are adopted.

Black cats and dogs are routinely overlooked by potential adopters for a myriad of reasons–superstition, they don’t photograph well, they look too similar to other black dogs and cats, and because proportionally there are so many of them in shelters they just don’t stand out. The San Francisco SPCA has even had special promotions to increase adoptions of black cats.