12 Replies to “Rat Armor, Samurai Cat, Dog Helmet”

  1. AWESOME! I copied the rats armor for my own rat and it actually fitted!
    I did add a small chain male jacket and pants to make it look real. If someone else does this do what I did and put some soft material under all the armor you add to make it soft for the rat and not cold because of the metal.

  2. man, that is some impressive armor for the little guys! nice workmanship on the pieces. i think i’ll head over to his site.

  3. hey can u tell me if we can buy the mouse one?? i want it coz there is a mouse in my house and i wanna make it feel well!! :P:P just kiddin

  4. I’m imagining rats in the time of the Middle Ages and the Black Death Plague–being immune to bolts from crossbows that were loaded by putting a foot in the stirrup–loaded with fleas attacking beggars with armor on. But anyway, it’s cool to see that they can make armor very small. I like the idea of dog armor, so even if your friend dies in battle. you still got Man’s Best Friend for a while.

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