4 Replies to “Friday Fun: A Cat Is A Cop’s Best Friend”

  1. I think the officer was a bit to brutal with the kitty. I didnt like the way he kicked the cat.

  2. I really don’t see him kicking the kitten. I do see him launching the cat away from him (tossing as opposed to striking). The fact that the kitten comes right back to him to climb some more tells me he didn’t kick the cat.

  3. He didn’t actually kick the cat. Cats are very resilient anyway – the officer did nothing wrong. It was so cute the way the kitty just kept coming back to him. Sometimes certain cats can be annoying – I know our little girl can be – she’s always under foot but we still love her to pieces.

  4. so, i think the difference between kicking and launching is the point when contact is made. if force is exerted before contact, that’s kicking. the officer had contact with the kitten before force was exerted, so he was just pushing him away. i definitely think the kitten liked it. and i’ll bet he was using needle-sharp, never-trimmed claws to climb – in that case, what restraint the man has!
    at first i thought the officer must have had a tuna sandwich for lunch, but after the news crew made contact also, it’s obvious that kitten isn’t choosy!

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