Friday Fun: Cat Rescued After 4 Days In A Tree

When Anthony Flannery learned of a cat that had been stuck in a tree at least 4 days during flooding and severe weather, he immediately went to rescue her.  This meant climbing a crazy tall, spindly tree and sawing the trunk she was on to rescue her.  Keena is a very lucky cat whom he’s been taking care of ever since, though she does need to be adopted.

Anthony is one of those people who gives me hope for the world.  Not only does he go to great lengths to save this kitty, he also has a world view I really admire.  He’s a man of faith, but doesn’t believe anyone should push their beliefs on someone else, he believes there’s answers to the world’s problems in technology and in working together, and that if we changed our spending priorities, we’d have a better world.  He also actively supports animal rescue groups in his community, including building a cat house for one.  AND he’s a musician—the music playing during the video is his own song, which you can download.  What a nice guy!

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